How do I join the 20th Maine Company F?
Contact Cap Caputo recruiter@20thmainecompanyf.com. He will be happy to sign you up.

How do I find out more about joining the 20th Maine Company F
Contact Cap Caputo recruiter@20thmainecompanyf.com. He will be happy to get you more information.

When do you have events?
We have event throughout the spring and summer. In Addition we practice drill once a month during the winter.

What do you do at reenactments?
We generally have 2 battles a day for the public. We attend morning parades and practice drill for the battle later in the day. Then we sit around the camp and have some great comradeship. One of the most fun things to do is to sit around the camp in the evening and talk with everyone.

Does it cost a lot to get started?
To get started it cost between 50-75 dollars for WCWA and 20th Maine dues. We have lots of gear for you to use. We just ask that after the first year you start buying up some of the pieces of gear for yourself. Come try it out for a year though. It’s not that expensive and we know you will get hooked on it.

I have never fired a weapon before. I am not sure about shooting a weapon for reenacting
Even if you had fired a weapon before, it probably didn’t prepare you for a Civil War Musket. It’s very different from firing a modern weapon. Its not hard to do and we have trained lots of people to shoot. We actually load the weapon with Black Powder and use a cap to fire it off. There is nothing quite like having your whole company fire off a volley at the same time or having cannons fire on the battle field.

What kind of people are involved in reenactments?
People from all walks of life are involved in reenactments. We have doctors, teachers, carpenters, software engineers, soldiers, students, and everything in between.

Can my kids reenact?
You have to be 12 to be on the battle field as a musician, medic, or runner. You have to be 14 to carry a musket on the battle field. A lot of our time is spent marching and being around camp. Younger kids are welcome in camp and marching. They just stop at the edge of the battlefield.

I have never been in the military, I don’t know if I can do it
Well, most of us are not Ex-Military and we can keep up just fine. The army of 1861 and the current military is very different. If you can walk forward and carry a musket, we will get you through it.

Is reenacting hard?
There is lots of stuff to learn, it’s not terribly hard though and there are plenty of people to help you learn it. We have people that make every event and are experts and we have people that can only attend a couple events a year. We welcome them both.

I have heard that there are some really hardcore people doing reenacting. I don’t know if I can keep up
Yes there are some very hardcore people doing reenacting. As a new reenactor myself I was intimidated by them at first. After I did my first event, I found them to be very helpful and fun to be with. They didn’t criticize me and they always helped me figure out what to do. This made the event even more fun for me.